InnoTech Solutions LLC is a Belarusian software company. We have many years of experience in IT outsourcing and streamlined software development processes.

InnoTech Solutions has the status of a Dell Emc official partner, Cisco official partner, Kaspersky partner, and a number of other companies – world industry leaders.
The company’s services include the development of software products and solutions, the development of applications for:

  • mobile devices
  • IT consulting
  • testing services
  • database development 
  • IT infrastructure services.

InnoTech Solutions specialists develop software solutions for the following industries:

  • telecommunications
  • healthcare
  • education
  • logistics
  • transport
  • wholesale and retail trade
  • banking and insurance.

InnoTech Solutions is an outsourcing software development partner for companies in 5 countries of the world. Among them are large international corporations, as well as medium and small businesses.