Electronic service channels

Remote banking services - remote access to the services of a financial institution: payment of bills, transfer of funds, card statement. The client promptly sends his orders to the bank via secure electronic channels and receives the information he needs.

CRM systems

Development and implementation of CRM systems and their individual modules, including the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, integration and development of SalesForce CRM modules.

Cash and securities management

The introduction of accounting systems for transactions with securities and the use of funds allows to monitor all transactions and improve the efficiency of the relevant departments.

BI systems

The introduction of analytical platforms that allow managers to make informed management decisions based on available information. Thanks to Business Intelligence, banks are able to solve several key tasks at once, ranging from on-line access to information and ending with the modeling of key performance indicators.

Automated Banking System

Software products that allow to automate the banking information accounting system in accordance with the current legislation (transactions, contracts, basic operations, etc.), as well as the whole range of banking operations with individuals (deposits, loans, currency exchange, payments, etc.).

Risk management

Implementing software products that enable risk management: detect and evaluate their types, take appropriate measures in advance, prevent losses for the company.

Accounting and Reporting

Accounting automation programs that help reduce data processing costs, reduce errors, get accurate data on the performance of the entire organization. Information is protected from loss or leakage, and its security is guaranteed by continuous replication.

Payment and billing systems

Development, revision, testing, implementation and integration of payment and billing solutions, as well as ensuring full compliance with industry security standards


Creation of interactive, multifunctional solutions for trading platforms and portals, payment and billing systems, as well as the provision of ready-made solutions for online stores.