IT consulting

Comprehensive IT consulting services, including a comprehensive audit of the company's IT infrastructure and assistance in its improvement in line with current business needs.


Prototyping systems and applications is a win-win way to test the viability of a concept and minimize risks in the early stages of development.

Custom Software Development

A complete set of custom software development services, including the development of solutions from scratch in accordance with the individual vision of the customer.

Dedicated development centers

Formation of dedicated development teams based on a time-tested, individually adaptable collaboration strategy.


A set of IT infrastructure virtualization services, including virtualization, design, deployment and maintenance of servers for creating cloud infrastructures.

Application integration

Integration of business applications to ensure uninterrupted information exchange and end-to-end data processing as part of consolidated business processes.

Independent Testing

Services for independent testing and quality control of software for developers and end users.

Maintenance and support

The whole range of services for technical support and support of software solutions, from independent evaluation of the system to support 24/7.


Upgrading legacy systems and applications, including document recovery, refactoring, data migration, and integration into existing IT infrastructure.

Information Security

An audit of enterprise information systems will help identify vulnerabilities and best protect corporate data and applications from internal and external threats.

SAP consulting

The SAP Consulting Department InnoTech Solutions in its work is always focused on the state and industry specifics of business processes and corporate standards of its clients.


Migration services (porting) of applications and data using a specialized software solution to optimize the efficiency of the process.